Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Blood Thirsty" rebuild 2000 Yamaha Vstar 650

Well it all started when I picked up this 2000 Yamaha V Star 650. Back up, let's start that over properly. I was looking online at some builds and found Rob over at and I was like holy shit that guy builds some bad ass metrics. I want to build one like it. So I started hunting vstars and found this one.

HAHA, Yeah I laughed too but I saw the potential of creating something more appealing out of it.

Well I decided that it was gonna be way more work than I was prepared to do at the time so I decided to just keep a simple bobber look with my creative designs.

So I started taking parts off of her to at least make it ridable. Also did the julio slam job on it which lowered the rear a few inches.

Then I decided to go ahead and get started. Tore her all down.

Yeah she was pretty dirty so I had to get in there and clean her up good. So I got her clean and painted the forks, Repainted the engine and powdercoated the triple trees and some of the side cover parts.

Powdercoated some parts

Got the rims ready for powder

Then I had the rims powdercoated by my buddy Tim at We did a Candy Red over chrome. Turned out sick. Wrapped them with some New Kenda tires. Then I hand painted the nipples black. Yes hand painted. That shit was tedious work.

Well worth it for sure.

So I made a little seat cover to go under the seat and cover the junk and monoshock. Just made my design. Cut it out, drilled some mounting holes, powdercoated it, then put some door jam trim stuff from autozone to keep it from rattling on the frame from vibrations. Think it turned out pretty good.

I also made a little something for the motor cleavage to fill the area. Did the same thing. Drew my design, cut it, powdercoated it. Added some details and mounted it.

I was also on a little bit of a time crunch so I figured I would try out the Blue Collar Bobber rear fender kit. Works great but the fender came out a little higher than I thought it should but still looks great. Drilled some speedholes to give the struts more style too.

Now I wanted to do something a little diferent to make the stock air filter more appealing. They had some neon light mods I found online but I just couldn't find a computer fan grill I liked enough to use. So I found a drain plug plate from lowes hardware that fit perfect. Drilled a bunch of speedholes in. Powdercoated it. Drill my hole for light. Mounted the light, then mount the plate. Turned out pretty cool I think. I know some people aren't into the whole Neon and LED stuff but it fits this build.

Got the tins back that I designed from my buddy Czar over at Master Mind Designs. Turned out slick.

Alright thats all the details ya get. Gotta keep some stuff underwraps. Ha. So here she is all finished. Should be doing a photoshoot hopefully next week but here is some pictures for now. Thanks for checkin it out.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picked up a new toy today!!!

Picked up this sweet 1996 Harley Sportster 1200cc Bobber. Kinda ratty lookin but cool as hell. Hardtail struts, Bobbed fender, old school tail light, ratty exhaust wraps, some pinstriping, etc... Anyway I will be making it my own soon enough but first I'm gonna ride it for a little while because I believe this will be my keeper. Thanks for checking in and I'll update you all when I get started on it.