Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2001 Honda Rebel CMX250 Bobber

Well I figured I would post up a 2001 Honda Rebel 250 I did a while back. I didn't really write anything down when I did the bike but it speaks for itself. Hardtailed struts, Sportster Peanut tank custom welded under to fit the backbone. Clip-ons, custom faux oil tank, gran torino grips, custom battery box, hardknock rear fender, alot of powdercoating candy blue over chrome powder. I'm sure theres a few things I missed but if you have any questions just ask. Thanks for looking.


Pretty funky huh. Well the colors it had on it when I picked it up got me thinkin. "Man this thing looks beatup all Black and blue". Then it hit me lets do all Black and Blue and call it "The Beatdown". So thats what we did. Also the number 36 on the side is dedicated to my Dad. His football number was 36 in school so I figured it would be a good number to go with. Here are the after effects....